About Us

What’s the big question?

We did a massive market research (which means, we asked about 100 people a question – given our laziness, that’s a big big number). We wanted to understand what is this one question that young people around the country ask the maximum number of times in the course of a day.

The top ones

There were questions like these that featured towards the top of the list:

  • Will she smile ?
  • Will that autowala say “yes”?
  • What day of the week is it, again?
  • Was it her birthday yesterday, my God?

The top top one

However, there is this one question that gets asked more times than everything else put together. And that question is “What’s for food today?” “#AajKhaneMeinKyaHai”?

Faasos exists to answer that question: #AajKhaneMeinKyaHai

Well, we were happy to learn that, because that’s the question Faasos tries to answer all the time. You can say, the pursuit of our little company is simply giving you delicious answers, throughout the day, from 9 am to midnight, whenever you ask that question “#AajKhaneMeinKyaHai”, “What’s for food today?”.

Delicious meals – on click of a button

All you need is an internet connection to run our mobile app or our website. Across 15 cities in India and 200+ locations you can check out “#AajKhaneMeinKyaHai” and choose from a great range of Breakfast, Indian meal boxes, Chinese, South Indian, Rice and Biryani combos, a world of Wraps, Lip smacking Desserts, and we will deliver it to your doorstep in no time at all. 365 days a year.

Sorry for too much bla

All this food talk is making us hungry, and we can’t go on. So please have a look below, we have put all the other irrelevant statistics, in case, you are bored to death with whatever you are doing. Just remember to ordertoday.